Program GoalFull body strength
Delivery FormatWritten workout
Experience LevelChin-ups x 10, Dips x10
Program DurationFour weeks
Training FrequencySix per week
BaseBlocks Trainer

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

Workout overview

This is a push/pull/legs split. You will be performing two workouts each per week.

Workout One: Push (60 min)Workout Two: Pull (60 min)Workout Three: Legs (60 min)
1. Wall HSPU
2. Tuck planche hold
3. Pseudo planche push-up
4. Pike push-up
5. Dips
1. Lever raises
2. L-Sit chin-ups
3. Lever holds
4. Ice-cream makers
5. Rows
1. Jumping squats
2. Pistols
3. Single-leg deadlift
4. Hip thrust w/bands
5. Reverse hyper
Workout Four: Push (60 min)Workout Five: Pull (60 min)Workout Six: Legs (60 min)
1. Wall HSPU
2. Tuck planche push-ups
3. Planche leans (dynamic)
4. Pseudo planche push-ups
5. Resisted dips

1. Tuck lever rows
2. Lever raises
3. L-Sit pull-ups
4. Tuck lever hold
5. Chin-up ISO hold

1. Jumping squats
2. Pistol
3. Single-leg deadlift
4. Hip thrust w/bands
5. Reverse hyper

Weekly schedule

We’re trying to rest forty-eight hours between training the same muscle group/s.

SundayWorkout One: Push (60 min)
MondayWorkout Two: Pull (60 min)
TuesdayWorkout Three: Legs (60 min)
WednesdayWorkout Four: Push (60 min)
ThursdayWorkout Five: Pull (60 min)
Friday Workout Six: Legs (60 min)

Testing day

This program has two tests to measure your core pushing and pulling strength. Rest 3-5 minutes between tests and make sure to record your score.

Test one: tuck planche max duration
< 15 sec*> 15 sec

Note: if you cannot hold this position for at least 5 seconds, this program may be too advanced for you.

Test two: L-sit chin-up max repetitions
L-sit chin-up test
< 11 – 89+
< 1011 – 2425+

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