Abs Like a Gymnast


Program GoalBuild core strength
Delivery FormatVideo follow-along
Experience LevelAll levels
Program DurationFour weeks
Training FrequencyTwice per week
EquipmentThe BaseBlocks Trainer

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

Workout overview

There are two workouts in this program. You will perform the same workout for the entire week, and switch workout the following week.

Weeks One and Three (40 mins)Weeks Two and Four (40 mins)
1. Single-leg v-ups
2. Arch ups
3. Extended plank hold
4. BaseBlocks shoot-through
5. Side plank hip drops
1. Scissors to lemon squeezer
2. Jackknife tuck to pike
3. Side crunches
4. Kneeling backbend
5. Arch up open closes

Weekly schedule

Below is a sample of how to schedule the workouts when combining it with a strength program.

Tuesday Abs/Core
Friday Strength

Baseline testing

This program has two tests to measure your core strength/endurance. Rest 3-5 minutes between tests and make sure to record your score.

Test one: hollow body hold for max duration
Choose a variant that allows you to keep your back flat
< 20 secs20 – 60 secs> 60 secs
Test two: plank hold for max duration
Stop the test as soon as you feel your hips dropping
< 30 secs30 – 120 secs> 120 secs

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