Workout Overview

This is a 45-minute full-body workout. You’ll be training all the muscle groups with varying rep ranges to build both strength and endurance. This workout is designed for intermediate users. You’ll need the BaseBlocks Trainer (or sturdy chairs) and the BaseBar (or pull-up bar).

1A.Tuck lever raises
1B. Squat jumps
41 min
2A. Resisted Dips
2B. Single-leg bridge
8 ea
41 min
3A. Rows
3B. Pseudo planche push-ups
345 sec
4A. Hollow body hold
4B. Chin-up ISO hold
30 sec
20 sec
31 min

1. Perform this superset 4 times. Rest 1 min between exercises.
1A. Tuck lever hold15 sec
1B. Squat jumps 6 reps
1A. Tuck lever hold
Target muscle groups: lats
1B. Squat jumps
Target muscle groups: quads, glutes, calves

2. Perform this superset for 4 sets. Rest 1 min between exercises.
2A. Resisted dips5 reps
2B. Single-leg bridge8 ea
2A. Resisted dips
Target muscle groups: pecs, triceps, anterior delts
2B. Single-leg bridge
Target muscle group: glutes

3. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 45 sec between exercises.
3A. Rows5 reps
3B. Pseudo planche push-up8 ea
3A. Rows
Target muscle groups: rear delts, lats, biceps
3B. Pseudo planche push-up
Target muscle groups: anterior delts, triceps

4. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 45 sec after 4B only.
4A. Hollow body hold40 sec
4B. Chin-up ISO hold20 sec
4A. Hollow body hold
Target muscle group: abs
4B. Chin-up ISO hold
Target muscle groups: biceps and lats

Cool-down stretching

Perform these stretches as an optional cool-down for two rounds to help maintain or increase mobility in areas that are important for calisthenics.

A. Side straddle 1 min ea
B. Forward fold1 min
Target muscle groups: adductors, hamstrings, lats
Target muscle groups: hamstrings, calves, back extensors

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