This workout is ‘Day two’ of Simon Ata’s The BaseBlocks Only Program. It’s a four-day per week, full-body program for advanced-beginners using the BaseBlocks Trainer.

Workout overview

1A. Tuck ice-cream maker
1B. Pseudo planche push-up
445 sec
2A. Rows
2B. Dips
445 sec
3. Jumping Squats41 min

Warm-up (5mins)

1. Wrist circles10 each direction
2. Elbow circles10 each direction
3. Shoulder circles10 each direction
4. Knee circles10 each direction
5. Ankle circles10 each direction
6. Wrist push-ups10 reps
7. Scap push-up10 reps
8. Scap row10 reps

1. Perform this superset for 4sets. Rest 45 sec between exercises.
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
1A. Ice-cream maker5678
1B. Pseudo planche push-up10111214
1A. Ice-cream maker
1B. Pseudo planche push-up

2. Perform this superset 4 times with 45 sec rest between exercises.
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
2A. Row10111214
2B. Dips12141516
2A. Row
2B. Dips
3. Jumping squats: 4 sets with 1 min rest
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
3. Jumping squats

Post-workout flexibility

Perform these stretches as an optional cool-down for two rounds to help maintain or increase mobility in areas that are important for calisthenics.

A. Thoracic extension: 1 min
Target area: lats, trees major + thoracic spine
B. Straddle stretch + side bend: 1 min each side
Target muscle groups: hamstrings, adductors
C. Shoulder extension stretch: 1 min
Target muscle groups: Anterior delts, pecs

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