In this video, we’ll run through the whole workout together and I’ll provide you with key cues while you perform each of the exercises.

Workout overview

1. Core circuit
1A. Hollow body compression
1B. Deadbug tension hold
1C. Arch ups to side crunches
1D. Up dog lower downs
1E. Hollow body SL bicycles
1F. Backbend on knees (optional)
2 rounds
2. Stretch circuit
2A. Cat stretch on blocks
2B. Triceps and lats on surface
2C. Upper back stretch w/block
2D. Chin on block against wall
2E. Elbow bridge
2F. Standing backbends to wall
2G. Bridge on blocks against wall
2H. Bridge on floor
2I. Lying chest stretch on floor
1 round

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