Workout overview

1A. Back squat
1B. Side lunge
32 min
2A. Kneeling jump
2B. Step overs
32 min
3A. Curtsey lunge
3B. Broad jumps
390 secs

Warmup (5mins)

1. Achilles stretch (10 reps) to dive bomber push up x 5 5 reps
2. Deep squat to t/s rotation to pike5 rnds
3. Cossack squat to hip IR 5 ea
4. Figure 4 squat 10 ea

1. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 2 min after 1B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Tempo banded back squatBanded back squat to heel raiseJump squat5 reps
Side lunge to tuck jumpSide lunge to single leg tuck jumpCossack squat to single leg tuck jump4 ea
1A. Squat progressions
1B. Side lunge progressions
2. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 2 min after 2B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Jump from kneeling to squatJump from kneeling to squat with heel raiseJump from kneeling to jump squat4 reps
Side step up and overSide step up and over with hopJump side step overs5 ea
2A. Jump from kneeling progressions
2B. Step over progressions
3. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 1min 30secs after 3B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Alternating curtsey lungesCurtsey skatersCurtsey skaters with dumbbell5 ea
Broad jumpsBroad jump to straight jumpSingle leg broad jump6 reps (3 ea)
3A. Curtsey lunge progressions
3B. Broad jump progressions

Cool down

Double knee to chest or lifting hips up over shoulders
Runner’s stretch (figure 4 side pike thing)
Quad stretch kneeling
30 secs
30 secs (ea)
30 secs (ea)
2 sets

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