Workout One

Workout overview

1A. Back squat
1B. Pistol squat
32 min
2A. Front squat
2B. Nordic curl
32 min
3A. Side plank
3B. Hip adduction
390 secs

Warmup (5mins)

Cat/camel to child’s pose 10 reps
Quadruped thoracic rotation (thread the needle)2 x 5ea
Quad stretch to 5 sciatic nerve tensioners 5 ea
Banded ankle DF 2×15 each side2 x 15ea

1. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 2 min after 1B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Back squat with bandsBack squat with increased resistanceTempo back squat6 reps
Single leg squat to benchPistol squat with band assistPistol squat5 ea
1A. Back squat progressions
1B. Pistol squat progressions
2. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 2 min after 2B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Heel elevated squatsHeel elevated banded front squatsHeel elevated banded front squats6 reps
Eccentric Nordic curlNordic curl with push-upNordic curl6 reps
2A. Front squat progressions
2B. Nordic curl progressions
3. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 1min 30secs after 3B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Foot elevated side plank hip dropsFoot elevated side plank hip drops with iso clamFoot elevated side plank hip drop with SLR abduction6 ea
Straight leg raise hip adductionSide plank bent leg hip adductionSide plank hip adduction6 ea
3A. Side plank progressions
3B. Hip adduction progressions

Cool down

A. Adductor stretch (Butterfly)
B. Straddle stretch to side
C. Pancake stretch
30 sec
30 sec (ea)
30 sec
2 sets

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