The Advanced Back Program

Meet the trainer

Simon Ata (aka Simonster) is a world leader in bodyweight training. Starting gymnastics at an early age, he became passionate about mastering control of the body and immersed himself in the world of bodyweight strength training. Attaining a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree alongside personal training qualifications, furthered his understanding of the body from an academic side and accelerated his training methods and skill.

About the program

Skill training

Weekly overview

Workout One
1a. Assisted OAC
1b. Vertical jumps
2. Front lever raises
3a. Pull-up
3b. Nordic curl holds
4. Front lever holds
5a. Dips
5b. Hollow body hold

Max effort


Workout Two
1. Front lever row
2a. Front lever raise (top half)
2b. Pistols
3a. Feet elevated row
3b. L-sit
4a. Chin-up
4b. Push-ups

Workout Three
1a. OAC negatives
1b. Nordic curl hold
2. Front lever raise (bottom half)
3a. Chin-up
3b. Dips
4a. Feet elevated row
4b. Hollow body hold


Back exercises in this program


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