Program GoalBasic upper body strength
Delivery FormatWritten workouts
Experience LevelAll levels
Program DurationSix weeks
Training FrequencyThree per week
Resistance Bands

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

Workout overview

There are three workouts each week. You can add a lower-body session between training sessions.

Workout One (45 min)Workout Two (45 min)Workout Three (45 min)
1A. Band-assisted chins
1B. Band-assisted dips
2A. Rows
2B. Push-ups
3A. Scap push-ups
3B. Scap pull-ups
4A. Hollow body hold
4B. Arch hold
1A. Band-assisted dips
1B. Band-assisted chins
2A. Push-ups
2B. Rows
3A. Tuck sit lifts
3B. Pike walks
1A. Band-assisted chins
1B. Band-assisted dips
2A. Rows
2B. Push-ups
3A. Tuck sit lifts
3B. Pike walks
4. Plank
Supplementary workouts (optional)
Supp Workout One (60 min)Supp Workout Two (60 min)
Leg DayLeg Day

Weekly schedule

We’re trying to rest forty-eight hours between training the same muscle group/s. Below is a sample week including lower body and pulling days (optional).

SundayWorkout One (60 min)
MondaySupp Workout One: Leg Day
TuesdayWorkout Two (60 min)
WednesdaySupp Workout Two: Leg Day
ThursdayWorkout Three (60 min)

Upper body tests

There are no beginner, intermediate or advanced targets for the band-assisted exercises as the intensity will vary depending on the band you select. As a general rule, select the thinnest band you can at least 5 repetitions with.

If you can already perform more than 6+ chin-ups and 10+ dips, it is recommended to start with the Intermediate B-Bars Program.

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