Program GoalCore stability
Delivery FormatSelf-paced workouts
Experience LevelAll levels
Program DurationFour weeks
Training FrequencyFour per week
BaseBlocks Trainer

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

Workout overview

There are four workouts each week. This program can be performed in conjunction with any other BaseBlocks Digital strength program.

Workout One (30 min)Workout Two (30 min)Workout Three (30 min)Workout Four (30 min)
1A. Crunch
1B. Tuck up
1C. Hollow body hold
2A. Bicycles
2B. Reverse crunch
2C. Supine tuck up
1A. Plank up-downs
1B. Plank spiderman
1C. Side plank dive unders
2A. Oblique mountain climbers
2B. Tuck sit with swing
2C. Side walks
1A. Lock off leg lifts
1B. Tuck around the worlds
1C. Modified chin hollow
2A. Lock off oblique tuck ups
2B. Hanging pike leglifts
2C. Tuck windshield wipers
1A. Leg lift to V-sit
1B. Oblique tuck leg lifts
1C. Tuck swings
2A. Straddle leg lifts
2B. Push up to V-sit
2C. Leg switches (pike/straddle)

Weekly schedule

The below schedule includes the core program performed in conjunction with a three workout per week strength program.

SundayStrength Workout OneWorkout One (30 min)
MondayWorkout Two (30 min)
TuesdayStrength Workout Two
WednesdayWorkout Three (30 min)
ThursdayStrength Workout ThreeWorkout Four (30 min)

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