Program GoalHuman Flag hold
Delivery FormatSelf-paced workouts
Experience Level8 x Pull-ups
12 x Dips
Program DurationSix weeks
Training FrequencyThree per week
EquipmentStall bars
High bar
Resistance bands

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

The Human Flag 101

Workout overview

There are three workouts each week. You can add a pulling day and lower body day in between the 90° HSPU-specific sessions.

Workout One (60 min)Workout Two (60 min)Workout Three (60 min)
1. Band-assisted flag
2. Upright flag hold
3. Pull-ups
4. Pseudo planche push-ups
1. Upright flag lifts
2. Inverted flag hold
3. Pull-ups
4. Dragon flags
1. Band-assisted flag
2. Inverted flag hold
3. Pseudo planche push-ups
4. Reverse hypers
Supplementary workouts (optional)
Supp Workout One (60 min)Supp Workout Two (60 min)
Leg DayLeg Day

Weekly schedule

We’re trying to rest forty-eight hours between training the same muscle group/s. Below is a sample week including lower body and pulling days (optional).

SundayWorkout One (60 min): Flag Workout
MondaySupp Workout One: Leg Day
TuesdayWorkout Two (60 min): Flag Workout
WednesdaySupp Workout Two: Leg Day
ThursdayWorkout Three (60 min): Flag Workout

Testing day

The test should reflect the goal of the training program. We’ll be testing your max duration upright flag and inverted flag holds.

Test 1: Upright flag hold

Test 2: Inverted flag hold

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