Program GoalCore strength (APC)
Delivery FormatVideo follow-along
Experience LevelWall handstand x 30 secs
Program DurationFour weeks
Training FrequencyFour per week
EquipmentThe BaseBlocks Trainer

Active Pike Compression (APC, or ‘core compression’) involves getting into a pike position using our muscles rather than gravity. This involves a combination of both core strength AND hip flexor strength.

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

Workout overview

Workout One (25 mins)Workout Two (25 mins)

1A. Seated SL Straddle Leg Lifts
1B. Seated SL Straddle Leg Circles
1C. Assisted SL V Ups
1D. Lying Roll Ups
1E. Plow to Straddle Around

2A. BaseBlock SL Leg Lifts
2B. BaseBlock Tuck Hold Flutters
2C. Wall Toe to Wrist Taps
2D. Headstand Negatives

3A. Candlestick Roll to Straddle Hold
3B. Figure 4 Stretch
3C. Forward Fold Stretch
3D. Seated Pike Stretch
1A. Seated SL/DL Piked Leg Lifts
1B. Lying Leg Lifts
1C. Sit Up w/ Butt Lift
1D. DL V Ups
1E. Pike to Straddle Roll Thru

2A. BaseBlock SL Leg Lifts
2B. BaseBlock Pike Hold Flutters
2C. Handstand Negatives
2D. Wall Feet to Wrist Taps

3A. Candlestick Roll to Piked Butt Lift
3B. Figure 4 Stretch
4A. Forward Fold Stretch (StrongBlocks)
4B. Seated Pike Stretch (StrongBlocks)

Weekly schedule

Below is a sample of how to schedule the workouts when combining it with a mobility program.

SundayWorkout One (25 mins)
MondayStrength Workout Two (25 mins)
WednesdayStrengthWorkout One (25 mins)
ThursdayWorkout Two (25 mins)
Friday Strength

Baseline testing

This program has two tests to measure your pike performance. Tracking stretching improvements can be tricky – I recommend taking a photo/video of each test.

Test one: standing forward fold
Hands on the thighsHands on the shinsHands flat on floor
Test two: seated forward fold
Hands at kneesHands at shinsHands past feet

If you scored beginner on either of the tests, this program may be too advanced for you.

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