Program GoalPistol squat
Delivery FormatVideo follow-along or written workouts
Experience LevelPistol squat on a chair
Program DurationFour weeks
Training FrequencyFour per week
EquipmentThe BaseBlocks Trainer

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

Workout overview

There are two workouts in this program. You will perform the same workout for the entire week, and switch workout the following week.

Workout One (45 mins)Workout Two (45 mins)
1. SL squats to block
2. Assisted shrimp squats
3. Seated leg lifts
4. Primal squat leg extensions
5. Controlled step-ups
6A. Incline rows
6B. L-sit
1A. Assisted full pistol
2. Assisted pistol between canes
3. Single-leg assisted pistol
4. Single leg negative
5. Heels down inchworms
6A. Modified pull-ups
6B. Push-ups

Weekly schedule

Below is a sample of how to schedule the workouts when combining it with a mobility program.

SundayStrength (AM)
MondayStrength (PM)Workout One (45 mins)
WednesdayStrengthWorkout Two (45 mins)
ThursdayWorkout One (45 mins)
Friday Strength
SaturdayWorkout Two (45 mins)

Baseline testing

This program has two tests to measure your single-leg strength/endurance. Rest 3-5 minutes between tests and make sure to record your score.

Test one: pistol squat
Test two: pistol squat on box/chair

*If you didn’t score the same amount of reps on both left and right sides, the smaller number is your score.


TechniqueKeep your weight on your mid-foot throughout the entire repetition. Weight on your toes may cause a heel lift, and weight on your heels can cause you to fall backwards.
MobilityThe knee needs to go past the toes and the foot should remain flat – ankle mobility is a must.
StrengthYou need to have enough strength in your quads, hamstrings and glutes to go from the bottom of a pistol to standing.
Balance Standing on one leg decreases your base of support, reducing your stability.
AssymmetryDo you have a strength deficit between your right and left side? If you perform bilateral exercises regularly, this may mean your stronger leg does more.

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