Program GoalPower
Delivery FormatWritten workouts
Experience LevelPull-ups x10, Dips x20,
Pistols x10ea
Program DurationFour weeks
Training FrequencyThree per week
EquipmentThe BaseBlocks Trainer

Disclaimer: make sure you consult with a medical professional before commencing any exercise regimen.

Workout overview

The workouts will focus on quality reps with maximum speed.

Workout One (50 min)Workout Two (50 min)Workout Three (50 min)
1A. Muscle-up
1B. False-grip pull-up
2A. Kip-up
2B. Sit-up stands
3. Pistols
4. Rows
5A. Front lever
5B. Tuck front lever
1A. Backflip
1B. Explosive jump
2A. Bar dips
2B. Block dips
3. Explosive lunge
4. Bodyweight skulls
5. Tuck planche

1. Base jump
2. Side-to-sides
3. Swing straddle planche
4. Stance jumps
5. V-ups

Weekly schedule

Wrestlers need to juggle wrestling practice and strength and conditioning. The below schedule shows how to program skill and strength sessions in the same week.

Tuesday WrestlingWorkout One
Thursday WrestlingWorkout Two
Friday Wrestling
SaturdayWorkout Three

Testing day

The kip involves getting from your back to feet without using your hands. It requires flexibility, power and co-ordination.

Can’t land on feetLand in deep squatLand hips above knees


To improve your maximal strength, you typically want to keep overloading the external resistance (or manipulating leverage) to increase the force production requirement of the exercise. When training for power, it’s all about performing the concentric phase of the exercise at high velocities. We want to perform the part of the lift against gravity (up in a pull-up, up in a dip, up in a squat, etc.) as quickly as possible. This results in neural adaptations where your brain can activate your muscles to generate large amounts of force quickly. Sport takes place in milliseconds, not seconds. As a result, we want to be able to generate as much of our strength, in the smallest amount of time possible. It’s worthwhile to note that the intention to move quickly can yield a positive adaptation, regardless of actual movement speed. That is, the intention to be explosive is the primary driver of neural adaptations.

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