Week Four Workout (45 min)

Perform one round of the following to warm up (8 min)

A. Squat relves to forward fold10 reps (5 pulses/position
B. Achilles bounce and rolls10 ea variation
C. Squat series10 ea variation
D. Glute bridge 50 reps
E. Needle kicks10 ea side
F. Straddle pancake lowers10
A. Squat relves to forward fold
B. Achilles bounce and rolls
C. Squat series
D. Glute bridge
E. Needle kicks
F. Straddle pancake lowers

1. Perform this circuit 3 times with 30 sec rest between exercises.
1A. Assisted full pistol squat attemptAMRAP
1B. Assisted pistol b/t BaseBlocks Trainer7 ea side
1C. Single-leg assisted pistol7 ea side
1D. Single-leg negative squat, DL up12 ea side
1E. Heels down inchworms10 reps
1A. Assisted full pistol squat attempt
1B. Assisted pistols
1C. Single-leg assisted pistol
1D. Single-leg negative squat, DL up
1E. Heels down inchworms
2. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 1 min after 2B.
Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay Four
2A. Pull-ups891012
2B. Push-ups8910AMRAP
2B. Modified pull-ups
2B. Push-ups

Post-workout flexibility

Perform these stretches as an optional cool-down for two rounds to help stretch the areas you used during the workout.

A. Quad stretch: 1 min
B. Hamstring stretch: 1 min
C. Calf stretch: 1 min

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