Week Three Workout (40 mins)

In this video, we’ll run through the whole workout together and I’ll provide you with key cues while you perform each of the exercises. Let’s begin!

Workout breakdown

1. Core activation circuit: 1 round
Beast toe taps20 reps
Dead bug pushes30 secs
Plank to side plank rolls20 reps
Hollow rocks1 min
2. Core circuit: 4 rounds
Single-leg v-ups40 secs20 secs
Arch ups40 secs20 secs
Extended plank hold40 secs20 secs
BaseBlocks shoot through40 secs20 secs
Side plank hip drops40 secs20 secs
3. Cool-down
Seal stretch30 secs
Seal stretch twist30 secs
Childs pose front & side30 secs
Shoulder stretch30 secs
90º Hip Flexor Stretch30 secs

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