Week Three Workout (45 min)

Workout overview

1A. Incline Rows
1B. Front support hold
1C. Above the bar chin hold
1D. Block dips
310 sec

Follow along warm-up (6 min)

Perform this quad set for 3 rounds with 10 sec rest between exercises.
1A. Incline rows222426
1B. Front support holdALAP+5 sec+5 sec
1C. Chin-up holdALAP+5 sec+5 sec
1D. Tricep dips222426

Note: Take note of the duration of the first set of your hold on day one (ALAP; as long as possible). Add 5 seconds each subsequent session.

1A. Incline rows
1B. Front support hold
1C. Chin-up hold
1D. Block dips

Post-workout flexibility

Perform these stretches as an optional cool-down for two rounds to help maintain or increase mobility in areas that are important for calisthenics.

A. Triceps stretch: 1 min
Target muscle groups: lats, shoulders
B. Upper back stretch: 1 min
Target areas: thoracic spine, lats

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