Workout Two (50mins): Acceleration

Trainers’ tip

As a beginner, we talked about slow negatives to help strengthen every part of the ROM equally. Today’s session we are going to follow-up on another way to maximize every reps potential (in workout one we addressed irradiation). When a muscle contracts it generates force. Higher loads typically require a greater force production. This is the calisthenics dilemma – how do we generate higher forces when the load remains constant (bodyweight).

We could manipulate leverage and move on to a harder exercise variation, but, we can also play around with movement speed. Time for a quick physics lesson:

Force = Mass x Acceleration.

This means we can increase force production without changing the mass (our bodyweight/the load) – we just need to perform the movement explosively. In this workout, try and perform the concentric part of the lift as fast as you can. Do not speed up the lowering speed (negatives).

Workout summary

1a. Tuck front lever hold
1b. Single leg deadlift
2a. Pull-ups
2b. Squat jumps
3a. Advanced tuck negatives
3b. Single leg hip bridge
4a. Feet elevated row
4b. Feet elevated push-ups

1a. Tuck front lever

Keep knees tucked to chest, shoulders packed and arms straight.
Place a band underneath your lower back to make it easier.

1b. Single leg deadlift

Start on one leg with a slight bend in the leg you are standing on.
Push your hips back until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings, then return to standing.

Perform this superset 4 times w/1.5min rest

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
1a. Tuck front leverMaxMaxMaxMax
1b. Single leg deadlift10ea10ea10ea10ea

2a. Pull-ups

Start with hands facing away from you and arms straight.
Touch collarbone to the bar.

2b. Squat jumps

Start with heels hip-width, toes pointed out and chest spread.
Lower until thighs are parallel, then jump as high as you can (land soft!)

Perform this superset 3 times w/1.5mins rest

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
2a. Pull-ups6789
2b. Squat jumps10101010

3a. Lever negatives

Start with your shin/s touching the bar and arms fully extended.
Slowly lower to the floor maintaining the lever shape.

3b. Single leg hip bridge

Place one foot on the floor & opposite knee above your hip.
Raise hips by pushing your heel into the floor.

Perform this superset 3 times w/1.5min rest

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
3a. Lever negatives x35sec6sec7sec8sec
3b. Single leg bridge12ea12ea12ea12ea

4a. Feet elevated row

Start with legs straight and core engaged.
Drive elbows to the floor and touch chest to the bar.

4b. Feet elevated push-up

Start with arms straight and shoulders over wrists.
Keep your body straight and lower until chest is line with hands.

Perform this superset 3 times w/1min rest

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
4a. Feet elevated row9101112
4b. Elevated push-up8101214

Workout recap

You’ve now evolved past just getting through the workout, and now understand it’s about getting the most out of every exercise. Squeezing the bar and fast concentrics are going to get you there!

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