Workout Two (60mins): Rest periods

Trainers’ tip

You would have noticed that the rest periods in workout one have increased. You may have also felt that the rest periods weren’t long enough to recover adequately. Begin to use the rest periods as a guide only – rest as much as you require to perform the next set for the prescribed duration/repetitions.

We derive most of our energy for strength training from the ATP-PC system. The ATP-PC system can produce large amounts of force for 12-18seconds. It’s the predominant energy system used in a 100m run and for 15sec front lever hold. One drawback of this system is it fatigues quickly and takes a long time to recover. It takes roughly 2minutes for the ATP-PC system to recover to 90% and approximately 3minutes to get to 99%. As the strength demand of exercises has now increased, we are resting more.

Workout overview

1. Front Lever row43min
2a. Front lever raise (top half)
2b. Pistols
3a. Feet elevated row
3b. L-sit
4a. Chin-ups
4b. Push-ups

1. Front lever row

Keep core tight, toes pointed and shoulders packed.
Choose a variant that you can maintain for the prescribed duration.

Perform this exercise 4 times w/3min rest

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Front lever hold15sec15sec15sec15sec

2a. Half lever raise

Start with your body parallel to the floor and keep whole body tight.
Use your lats to raise your body until you touch the bar.

2b. Pistols

Start on one leg with your other leg extended in front of you (or hold big toe)
Keep your foot flat and lower until your butt touches your heel.

Perform this superset 4 times w/3min rest.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
2a. Top lever raise3455
2b. Pistols 5678

3a. Feet elevated row

Start with legs straight and core engaged.
Drive elbows to the floor and touch chest to the bar.

3b. L-sit

Keep legs straight and parallel to the floor.
Don’t let your legs drop as you get tired.

Perform this superset for 3 sets w/2min rest

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
3a. Feet elevated row12131415
3b. L-sit25sec30sec35sec40sec

4a. Chin-ups

Start with arms straight and legs extended.
Drive elbows to the floor and touch collarbones to bar.

4b. Push-ups

Start with arms straight and shoulders over wrists.
Keep your body straight and lower until chest is line with hands.

Perform this superset 3 times w/2min rest.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

Workout recap

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