In this video, we’ll run through the whole workout together and I’ll provide you with key cues while you perform each of the exercises. Remember we want to get into challenging positions, while staying safe. If you feel painful popping or sharp stinging, that’s your bodies way of saying stop. Let’s begin!

Workout breakdown

Below is a list of the different exercise progressions we will be using for each of the front splits muscles.

1. CalvesA. Down dog
B. Seated pike calf extensions
2. Hip flexorsA. 90º Hip Flexor, arm up & over
B. Runners lunge
C. Full lunge
D. Back-leg grab
3. HamstringsA. Seated leg straightens
B. Straight leg flex foot rocks
C. Cross body reach
D. Half frog
4.GlutesA. Lying/seated glute stretch
B. Pigeon
5. QuadsA. Lying quads
B. Wall stretch
6. Front Splitsa. Square splits
b. Full splits
C. Bent back leg
D. Oversplits