Workout overview

1A. Nordic curl
1B. Single leg Romanian deadlift
31min 30secs
2A. Kickback
2B. Kneeling hip hinge
31min 30secs

Warmup (5mins)

1. Achilles stretch + ankle circles10 ea
2. Walk out to lunge w/thoracic rotation5 ea
3. Squat with trunk twist10 reps
4. Side lunges 5 ea

1. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 1min 30secs after 1B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Eccentric Nordic curlNordic curl with pushupNordic curl with pushup8 reps
Single leg RDL with dowelSingle leg RDLSingle leg RDL with bands8 ea
1A. Nordic curl progressions
1B. Single leg RDL progressions
2. Perform this superset for 3 sets. Rest 1min30secs after 2B.
Week 1-2Week 3-4Week 5-6
Banded kneeling kickback (bands at knees)Banded kneeling kickback (bands at feet)Banded standing kickback12 ea
Banded kneeling hip hingeBanded kneeling hip hingeModified kneeling banded hip hinge12 reps (6 ea)
2A. Kickback progressions
2B. Kneeling hip hinge progressions

Cool down

Kneeling hip flexor stretch
Kneeling hamstring stretch
TFL stretch with band
30 secs (ea
30 secs (ea)
30 secs (ea)
2 sets

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