Workout overview

1. Stalder ROM press
2. Straddle invert
3. Dips
4. Chin-ups
5. Pistol squats
Equipment needed: pull-up bar, dip bars

To see how much you’ve improved, you will repeat the same tests performed at the start of the program. Replicate baseline test conditions as best you can and try to beat your previous score.


Exercise Reps/Duration
Wrist circuit 2 rounds
1A. Wrist push-ups 15 reps
1B. Wrist rocks 15 reps
1C. Supinated wrist extensiion 30 sec hold
Shoulders 2 rounds
2A. Prone angles 15 reps
2B. Shoulder flexion stretch 30 secs
Legs 1 round
3A. Dynamic leg swings 8 reps (front and side)
3B. Pancake good mornings 8-10 reps
3C. Pancake hold 1 min hold
Exercise Wrist circuit 1A. Wrist push-ups 1B. Wrist rocks 1C. Supinated wrist extensiion Shoulders 2A. Prone angles 2B. Shoulder flexion stretch Legs 3A. Dynamic leg swings 3B. Pancake good mornings 3C. Pancake hold
Reps/Duration 2 rounds 15 reps 15 reps 30 sec hold 2 rounds 15 reps 30 secs 1 round 8 reps (front and side) 8-10 reps 1 min hold

1. Stalder ROM presses
Perform 1 rep at max depth

2. Straddle invert
Perform 1 set of max reps

3. Dips
Ramp up to your 3RM

4. Chin-ups
Ramp up to your 3RM

5. Pistol squats (+10kg)
Perform 1 set of max reps (each side)

A. Pike fold
B. Pancake

Perform 3 rounds without rest

Exercise Duration
A. Pike fold 2 mins
B. Pancake 2 mins
Exercise A. Pike fold B. Pancake
Duration 2 mins 2 mins
A. Pike fold
B. Pancake