Build strength and stability by activating your stabilizers with every exercise.

“I thought bodyweight workouts were just push-ups and planks. I was doing exercises for my back, core, arms and legs that I never knew existed. The trainers know their stuff!”

Mikey, Software Engineer

Suitable for all levels

Pick a program based on your strength level. We’ve got exercise progressions for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.
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Full-body workouts baseblocks trainer

Full-body workouts

Follow Simonster’s beginner four-week program using only the BaseBlocks Trainer. Build strength with exercises for your upper body, lower body and core.

Track your strength level

We have three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Test your max before and after each program. Hit a certain number of reps to progress to the next level and unlock new exercises.

Track your strength level baseblocks trainer

Get access to the best trainers and the strongest programs.
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Yes, navigate to the ‘WORKOUTS’ tab. In these workouts, you have the option of working out alongside your trainer.

We’ll let you know which equipment you need for each program. If you don’t own the recommended equipment in a program, you can substitute it with the equipment you currently own or furniture around the house. Here is a short video covering BaseBlocks equipment substitutes.

The annual membership is $99/year and the monthly membership is $19/month.