Baseline testing

The Straddle L-Sit test

Testing is an objective way to measure progress and determine the effectiveness of a program. We’ll be testing the max duration you can hold your straddle L-sit on the floor.

Technique checklist
  • Legs fully extended
  • Elbows fully extended
  • No shoulder shrugging

Measuring your progress

I recommend taking a video of your test to serve as a visual comparison at the end of the program. This is especially relevant for a multi-joint exercise like the L-sit, where correct technique is a combination of shoulder, elbow and leg positioning. Here are a few tips when taking a video to compare results.

1. Wear the same clothes
2. Try and have the camera fixed at the same distance
3. Try and use the same location, and have the least amount of things in the shot

Test 1: elevated L-sit test
0-5 secs5 – 20 secsOver 20 secs

If you could not hold the straddle L-sit for any duration, perform the same test using the StrongBlocks (or any other elevated surface). Performing the test on an elevated surface will make the exercise easier by decreasing the height your legs need to be held. If you were able to hold the straddle L-sit (even for a low duration), performing the test on an elevated surface is optional.

Test 2: elevated straddle L-sit
0-10 secs10-25 secsOver 25 secs

If you could not hold the straddle L-sit for any duration, I recommend starting my beginner L-sit program instead. If you could hold this test for any period of time, even a small amount, it’s time to start workout one.

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