Mobility and strength programs by world-class trainers.

“I thought bodyweight workouts were just push-ups and planks. I was doing exercises for my back, core, arms and legs that I never knew existed. The trainers know their stuff!”

Mikey, Software Engineer


Flexibility programs for all levels. Start your middle splits journey with Dan Jeong or build you backbend with Danielle Gray. New routines added every week.
Strongblocks MORE MOBILITY


Skill programs to match your strength level. Follow Simonster’s beginner or intermediate tuck planchet programs and build real upper body strength.

Track your strength level

We have three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Test your max before and after each program. Hit a certain number of reps to progress to the next level and unlock new exercises.
Track your strength level

Get access to the best trainers and the strongest programs.
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Beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts available. New programs added weekly.


You’ll get exclusive access to calisthenics and mobility programs designed by expert trainers. We release new programs every week.

Yes, keep an eye out for programs that have ‘Follow Along’ in the top right hand corner. In these programs, you have the option of working out alongside your trainer.

Our workouts are designed to use our suite of BaseBlocks products. In each program, your trainer will let you know what equipment you need. We also offer programs without any equipment.

It’s $19/month and you can cancel anytime, or $99/year. Both options have a 7-day free trial so you can see if the workouts are the right fit for you.

You can purchase products individually on the following pages: BaseBlocks Trainer, BaseBar, StrongBlocks, BaseBench You can purchase the entire BaseBlocks Set here.

Your trainer will let you know which BaseBlocks products they’ll be using in the program. You can substitute your own equipment into the programs as follows.

  • BaseBlocks Trainer 🠚 Dip bars and handstand canes
  • BaseBar 🠚 Chin-up bar and dip bars
  • StrongBlocks 🠚 Yoga blocks and parallettes
  • BaseBench 🠚 Weights bench